Story of the World of Poop Hero’s NFT:

What is Poop Hero’s NFT’s?

The First Collection of Poop Hero’s NFT was of 69 minted NFTs on ! Sold out in 24 hours. Since selling out our first editions we have been trying rigorously trying to move our NFTs into the Terra Network. Finally, that transition is possible with

The Second Collection– Will be minted on a 3555-Edition open to the public at a starting mint of 35 UST. This will bring community members in starting our Poop Metaverse with the Terra Blockchain.

Every Poop Hero’s NFT has its own story, but our story all begins with a Wizard who is known across the lands as Mr. Big.

Around 2017, the pen was put to paper, and the character, Poop Hero’s NFT, was born. Ever since then, Mr. BIG and Julian have been inseparable. Together have been growing the community and planned to bring Poop Hero’s NFT into the Metaverse and Family Events!

WHAT makes us different?

Along with having an Awesome Poop Hero’s NFT that is a Hero! We are giving

Stakeholders have a 25% Royalty if they so choose to do that. How do we do that? We sell clothing from a

Direct connection from a Wearhouse in India. Building brand is key and showing off Cool Poop Hero’s NFT Gear is a plus! Making Poop Hero’s NFT the FIRST EVER NFT platform in the world do this!

Heritage of the POOP HEROS NFT

Story of the World of Poop Hero’s NFT:

Poop Hero’s were made from the All Mighty Poop Wizard before time. PW first created a King, Queen, then a Prince and so on until one day of rain/lightning struck the tower creating a new Evil Poop Prince and that is where the story begins…

 The hero is a prince from Bogota who is destined to save the world. The nemesis is a prince who plots an Evil scheme to stop the ALL-Poop Hero’s. The hero goes on a long quest to stop EP and the story of the Poop Hero’s NFT was born!

How rare is my Poop Hero’s NFT?

All Poop Hero’s NFT is cool for starters.

  • First Edition-Adults and Babies. Babies are rarer.
  • Master Edition-
    • 10-Backgrounds
      • Dawn Earth Galaxy Green Planet Ice Mars Night blue Red Planet Space Station
    • 6-Bodies
      • Gold Hemorrhage Mars Original Pitch Black Zombie
    • 10-Faces
      • Bandage Battle Wound Healing Battle Wound Black Eye Black Widow Tatoo Gash Harden Warrior Rose Tattoo Tear Drop
  • 8-Headwear
    • Beanie Gold Crown OG Hat Sailor Captain Silver Crown The Halo Transponder Viking Helmet
  • 10-Suits
    • Apollo Commander Creamsicle Dark Angel Explorer Goat Jacket Pilot Yellow Robot Spacesuit Violet
  • 4-Trademark watermark
    • Baby Astronaut Baby Hero Unicorn Wizard

Why get a Poop Hero’s NFT?

Poop Hero’s NFT on Terra (

Master Edition- Will be minted on a 3555 Edition to the public at a starting mint of 35 UST. This will bring community members in starting a transition into the Terra Community.

  • With each purchase of a Master Edition Poop Hero’s NFT will bring a ticket into two of our Poop Metaverse Worlds! We are waiting on Trademark Certificates!
  • • Grow our community from the ground up and please tell your friends/family.

Rarity Chart

Master Edition


  • Poop Hero’s NFT was born.
  • How to set up apart was the question?
  • What makes us different?
  • Started building a team.
  • Figured out how to pay potentially to Poop Hero’s NFT
  • Royalty holders of 25 percent each quarter.
  • Pre-Sales opened as Reserved Lists.
  • *70% sold in one week! ($500 floor price)
  • Website and Store (Merchandise) deadline.
  • NFT Artwork to open to public.
  • Showcase at NFT.NYC Nov.1-Nov.4
  • Launch on 3555 Master Edition
  • Allow Access into our metaverse for Events and Concerts
  • Morristown NJ, create a Poop Heros NFT event
    • To bring awareness to the public/family event.
    • Sell Merchandise
    • Promote our Metaverse Experiences!
  • Hire Developers to create our own Poop Heros Metaverse – on Terra Network!
    • Allow all owners to automatically acquire their own lands by owning a Poop Hero NFT!
  • Be able to login with TERRA station wallets
  • Bet to Earn Economics
  • Example- Games as Bingo, Racing (mario kart but called poop kart), Build your own games
  • Poop plots for sale in
  • Out of every game played, will be paying NFT plots, players a game percentage
    Ex- Player places 50 UST for game and wins. Wins prize for 1st place. If loses, still will earn for playing because of our coin Economics
  • Integrating all wallets to be able to bet to earn

Poop Hero’s NFT:

Poop Report of

April 2022

Poop Metaverse Starts Here!

There has been many NFT projects that combine the best of utility, art work and community.
Year 2022 was an explosion of NFT projects and so far, we have seen many come and go because their use case diminished.
Poop Hero’s NFT is a community base driven,it aims to create a utility where owners of Poop Hero’s NFT can Play, Earn,
Stake, Promote, and engage with others as a social media/metaverse and more!
1. Introduction:
Our story
Our story
  • Poop Hero’s NFT started with a Genesis Collection of 69 NFTs by an Artist named Shahinur Artist Guru.These NFT’s started $500 each, on in Oct. 2022. Sold out in the first 24 hours!
    Since we sold out we wanted to have a Poop home and purchase Sandbox Plot (-84,76) $17,500 also many Critterz plots! During this period purchased Galactic punk NFTs and always wanted to be apart of the Terra Community. Trying to list Poop Hero’s NFT on has been our mission from day 1 of the grand opening of We can finally say we are doing it!Success!
2. Launch on
Master Edition:
Master Edition:
3. Launch!
Poop Metaverse
Poop Metaverse
  • Funding from Master Edition NFT’s will kick start!
  • People that own Poop Hero’s NFT will be apart of the Dao but will get advance entry and perks for being apart of this Poop Movement.
  • People will be able to enter inSandbox (Ethereum), Critterz (Ethereum & block), and our own metaverse(Terra).
  • As a community we love to support other projects and finally decided to create something Poopy, smelly and awesome!

Vision of

  • People will be able to login with their Terra Station Wallets using UST to play games and Stake (Bet) if they so choose to.
  • In the beginning only people who own Poop Hero’s NFT will playing in our metaverse.
    • After some time people will enter for day passes/monthly/yearly Poop Pass memberships.
  • Who owns Poop Hero’s NFTs will not need to pay to enter ever!
    • Perks of owning a Poop Hero’s NFT will automatically (after verification of owning one) will enjoy a Poop Metaverse Plot.
  • Coin Economics:
    • We will have games like MARIO KART but will be called Poop Kart
      • Why play?
        • We will have tournaments where Poop Hero’s can compete for prizes wagered
          • For example: 10 players want to race and all agree to place a 10 ust or our own Poop Metaverse token (Smelly). Not launched yet. Perks will come in for Poop Hero’s owners. $100 for the total race.
            • 1st place 60 percent
            • 2nd place 30 percent
            • 3rd place 5 percent
            • 4th place 5 percent Poopmetaverse community to pay for developers to build more and more games.
        • Create games for all ages such as bingo and shooting games, etc.
    • Bring in High Profile Investors
      • Who want to have a stake in the Poop Metaverse.
        • Advertisements or private meetings/games.


Is to become more than just a game but a place of Social Networking on which users can post, play and interact with players known As Poop Heros. (Plot -84,76) (Plots. -19,21/-18,21/-19,22/-18,22/-16,25/-15,25/-16,26/-15,26)

As you can see we are community driven and would like to create a Poop Heros Dao in the future.
Random Earth launch 3555 Master Edition
Morristown NJ, NFT Event.
Hire Developers to create Poop Metaverse on Terra luna.


Poop Ambassador